Rational © known as the Chefs' company is the world-renowned smart oven manufacturer. We are honored to have our kitchens equipt with latest highest specification Rational ovens in order to compliment our high-quality food with the highest quality of ovens. The beauty of this relationship ensures consistent high quality, so our members experience the same incredible flavours everytime they order. German Chefs are pleased to announce that we work with the newest technology of Rational iCombi Pro © that landed the 2020 Good Design award.

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ScanBox is a Swedish manufactorer of thermo products for holding and transporting food. Scanbox's state of the art technology allows our members to receive their delicious food the same temperature it left our kitchen. ScanBox have created a unique custom box for German Chefs, which will make its debut in London. We are excited to launch this innovative partnership with such a modern forwarding thinking company.


Only Roses are Globally recognized for being best in class for rose arrangements. With the main store in West Hollywood, as official partners of the Oscar nights and with stores in the Middle East & Europe we are delighted to offer our members exclusive access to such beautiful pieces from Only Roses. Only Roses are our neighbors in Knightsbridge which means our members can choose from their huge range of beautiful Roses via our app to make dinner time extra special or have you covered for any special occasion, its a beautiful compliment to our food.


A cup of coffee can go down in an instant, even when nursed throughout a morning. But years of preparation, laborious picking of ripe cherries, fermenting, drying, processing, endless cuppings, roasting, experimenting and brewing are behind every one of those fleeting moments. The process captivates us and it is our joy to be a part of every one of those steps.

We source some of the very best, most sustainable coffees possible and serve them around the world.


Lieselehof have been producing wine in South-Tyrolia for the past 400 years. The unique Alpine flavoured wines due to the vineyard being in the mountains ensure our members get the most unique tasting wine experience. We are excited to offer different wines from Lieselehof to our members, all with different characteristics perfect for every occasion. Our partnership with Lieselehof is invaluable as having a direct relationship with a vineyard that understands the culture at German Chefs is extremely important for us.

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Through our journeys as professional athletes, through years of support from teams of experts, through injuries and recoveries, we‘ve learned first-hand that the foundation of performance is a healthy body and mind. An independent community of professional athletes, performance and nutrition experts, scientists and academics sharing insider expertise and ground-breaking innovations with everyone. We believe that by helping you achieve small wins every day, we‘ll give you the tools to live better.


A prodigious bartender hailing from Germany, Maxim Schulte’s passion for the cocktail craft has taken him all over the world. He honed his skills in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Saudi Arabia and London. With years of experience in international bartending competitions – where one of his winning cocktails was later hailed as the best gin cocktail in the world – and an uncanny talent for creating every guest’s perfect drink, Maxim’s guest shift at Stockton is sure to be an unforgettable occasion.